Contaminant emissions include any chemical, odour or noise discharges to the atmosphere.  Regulation 308 of the Environmental Protection Act is the basis on which all atmospheric discharges are governed.  Acceptable emission levels of various known pollutants are listed in this regulation.

ECOH's Air & Noise specialists provide professional services that focus on the responsible management of contaminant air emissions from industrial and commercial properties.  Our associated resources will provide engineered solutions which will reduce human exposure to contaminants both inside and outside of our client's facilities.

Our services include:


  • Acoustic assessments, abatements and audits
  • Source measurements using sound pressure and/or sound intensity techniques
  • Background noise monitoring
  • Noise modelling for regulatory applications for industrial and manufacturing facilities
  • Design of mitigation measures specific to noise impacts
  • Aural aesthetic design


  • Vibration measurements using multi-channel data acquisition equipment
  • Design of vibration isolation for equipment and structures
  • Workplace vibration exposure assessments

Air Emissions, Noise and Vibration Measurement and Mitigation:

  • Cost-effective solutions to minimize the off-property impact of contaminants and satisfy provincial and federal environmental regulations
  • Nuisance complaint investigations
  • Environmental compliance approvals
  • Land use planning studies

Air Emissions:

  • Stack sampling and ambient air monitoring to support environmental permitting, reporting and compliance auditing
  • Stack sampling and ambient air sampling programs
  • Sample program design to meet MOECC standards
  • MOECC permitting and consultation
  • Odour sampling and analysis

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