Why join the ECOH Team?


Our Mission

ECOH provides solutions to your Health, Safety and Environmental challenges.  The "ECOH-way" is client-focused, accountable and pragmatic.  We emphasize value, expertise and a quality driven team, encouraged to be responsive to our client's needs.  We are an echo of Canada itself, a synergistic team with the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.  ECOH provides solutions.


Our Culture and Values

ECOH’s culture fosters an environment of both team and individual growth and achievement, embracing entrepreneurial spirit, client focus, accountability, respect, passion, commitment, and appreciation.  ECOH’s unique culture has been essential to staff retention and the growth of the company.  ECOH’s Leadership team manages our business through guiding values of integrity, commitment, creativity and success.


Embracing Diversity

ECOH treats all employees and candidates with dignity and respect regardless of their gender, age, nationality, ethnic origin, disability, religious belief, etc.  We embrace the diversity of our people, and value their individuality.  ECOH employees are genuinely appreciated for what makes each of them unique, and we embrace our culture.



At ECOH, employees are encouraged to share their ideas and experiences.  We foster a team environment enriched with support and appreciation from senior management and colleagues.  Our culture encourages recognition of team and individual achievement, initiative, creativity and effort.  We believe it is critical to celebrate success – both on team and individual levels.


Compensation & Benefits

• Referral Bonuses;
• Annual Profit Sharing;
• Competitive Salaries; and
• Work Life Balance Programs.

• Group Insurance Benefits (medical and dental);
• Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan;
• Professional Development;
• Professional Membership Fees;

Commitment & People

ECOH attracts, develops and rewards people who are supportive of team environments and have the passion to make a contribution to the continued growth of our business.  Our people establish roots as they develop professional careers.  In return, we commit to providing them with internal growth opportunities, training and the support needed for career progression.  We strive to ensure that our staff training and professional development opportunities are of the highest level.  Our team has academic training up to the PhD level in disciplines including chemistry, microbiology, geology and environmental science. Our members have professional certifications in industrial hygiene (CIH / ROH), safety (CSP), engineering (P. Eng.) geology (P. Geo) and environmental science (CET).  With this in-house expertise, career development is both lateral and vertical – we have an internal system that provides a basis for career progression and management.



ECOH provides strong leadership by empowering senior staff to mentor, guide and develop employees.  Our leaders exhibit integrity, competence, knowledge and the ability to inspire others to achieve individual and organizational goals.


Health, Safety and Environment

ECOH is committed to safeguarding the health and safety of all our employees, the environment and all persons affected by our business activities.  We believe excellence in Health, Safety and Environmental performance is integral to our on-going business success.


Explore Your Options

We’re building a team of talented people with a variety of skills, abilities and backgrounds who are ready to jump into a fun, dynamic, team-spirited environment.  Although a particular opportunity may not currently be available, we encourage seasoned professionals and recent graduates to submit their resume for future consideration.

Accommodations for job applicants with disabilities are available on request.

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