School Board

Since 2006 we have been utilizing the consulting services of ECOH who have consistently delivered reports on time and on budget. ECOH’s senior management have been actively involved in all projects and provide excellent technical support. We find ECOH’s staff to be a joy to work with; they are very knowledgeable in asbestos and hazardous materials consulting. They offer fantastic emergency response and are a true leader in their field.
Having worked with ECOH since 2007, they have provided the board with excellent support in areas of asbestos, hazardous materials, mould, indoor air quality, occupational hygiene, emergency response, specifications and so on. Their work has been a major factor in our projects success while maintaining budgets and timelines. Their senior managers and principals are readily available and actively involved. ECOH has been very helpful in diffusing potentially difficult situations through their honesty and diplomacy. ECOH is a solid and reliable supplier and experts in their field.


Property Management Firm

We have been working with ECOH since 2003 for their professional environmental consulting services. ECOH consistently provides us and our clients with efficient, reliable and cost effective consulting services. We find their staff to be professional in their approach to work and are very well-liked by our employees. Their principal staffs are easily accessible and are involved with each of the projects providing technical support as well as quality assurance. We truly appreciate their efforts and would recommend them without hesitation.



Since 2005 ECOH has been on contract with the City, providing environmental consulting services for designated substances and hazardous materials, including environmental building site assessments, abatement inspections, design services and environmental emergency response. ECOH has continually demonstrated extensive knowledge in their field of work. They consistently meet timelines and stay within budget throughout the course of their contract.
The professionalism that ECOH has shown while dealing with our corporation and the straight forward recommendations they made have been a huge asset to our company. It is a pleasure to work with ECOH and look forward to a continued relationship.

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