Preventive measures should be included in the design and management of  construction projects to ensure regulatory compliance and protect the environment, community, workers and site occupants.

ECOH’s expert staff will work with you to ensure compliance with good prevention practices on your construction projects while staying on budget and on schedule.  

Our services include:

  • Contract Administration services including:
    • Attendance at bid and project meetings
    • Preparation and distribution of minutes of meetings On-site inspection, monitoring and project management
    • Preparation of contemplated change notices (CCNs)
    • Review of Contractor invoice statements and supporting documentation
    • Close-out site inspections
    • Preparation of close-out documentation, Substantial Performance and Total Completion certificates, in compliance with standards set by the client, the Ontario Associations of Architects (OAA), and/ or the Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC)
  • Pre-construction condition assessments
  • Design reviews
  • Construction audits
  • Abatement specifications for project tenders
  • Design and specification of barriers and enclosures for infection and hazardous substance control during construction projects
  • Analysis of abatement bids with recommendations to the client

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