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Occupational Hygienist

ECOH Management is currently recruiting for an Occupational Hygienist to join our team. You will be a member of our OHS group. As an Occupational Hygienist, you will be providing occupational hygiene support to a variety of client types. You will be initially working under the supervision of project managers and senior team members, with the opportunity to rapidly assume increasing autonomy and responsibility.

As an Occupational Hygienist, you will enjoy the following responsibilities:

  • Preparing and calibrating sampling equipment for field use
  • Conducting site assessments for asbestos, mould, lead, etc.
  • Sample collection in the field, data interpretation and preparation of reports
  • Interpreting and/or analyzing sample/data results in relation to legislative requirements and industry accepted guidelines and criteria
  • Supervising asbestos and mould abatement activities
  • Identifying site issues or project concerns and recommending corrective actions
  • Conducting indoor air quality and occupational hygiene assessments (i.e. chemical exposures, metals, noise, ergonomics, etc.)
  • Basic client liaison to ensure health, safety and occupational hygiene needs are addressed and met
  • Participate in the Health and Safety programs
  • Participate in the Quality Control program
  • Flexibility in meeting client schedules - evening, night and weekend work may be required
  • Office and field related work and periodic overtime work will be required
  • Travel within the country will be required

 The successful candidate will possess the following skills and attributes:

  • Enrollment in occupational hygiene, safety, chemical or environmental programs
  • Knowledge of occupational hygiene and asbestos-related issues and experience with conducting water damage, mould and IAQ assessments considered an asset
  • Strong interpersonal, verbal and written communication and critical thinking skills
  • Possess a valid Driver’s License and reliable vehicle, with appropriate registration and insurance
  • Requirement to wear personal protective equipment - i.e. respiratory protection, hard hat, high-visibility vests, fire retardant coveralls, safety boots and safety glasses
  • A desire to broaden range of professional skills
  • Able to adapt quickly, while managing a busy workload
  • Have proven problem-solving skills
  • Office Software applications (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Enthusiastic and versatile, willing to take on responsibility
  • Strong people skills and an ability to work in a team environment



ENVIRONMENTAL scientist bilingual french and english -  hazardous materials management

The Environmental Scientist will perform field site investigations and collect, input, analyze and organize data to assist senior staff in report preparation. You will also perform field monitoring duties, interacting with third party and regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with contract, federal, provincial and local guidelines. He or she is responsible for handling calls on demand and to accompany a member of the team to site visits, and renders meaning of conversations in the consecutive mode of interpretation between speakers of French and English. She/he processes information quickly and concisely, recognizes sensitive cultural differences and is professional and courteous always. The Environmental Scientist (Bilingual French and English) will use appropriate industry terminology and understands common industry laws, procedures and practices. The calls/visits may involve simple or complex, non-technical or technical subjects in the areas of Environmental Consulting with a focus on Environmental, Hazardous Materials and Occupational Health and Safety.

The Environmental Scientist is responsible for the following functions:

On-site Inspection During the Removal of Hazardous Materials and Demolition

  • Schedule and attend inspections and meetings with clients/contractors as required
  • Entering, working in, and exiting hazardous environments, including asbestos removal and other hazardous materials abatement
  • Ensuring the well being and safety of workers and building occupants relative to work for which ECOH is responsible
  • Preparing hand written (or typed) site inspection reports in a neat and legible manner
  • Representing ECOH in a professional & courteous manner

Sampling and Analysis of Samples

  • Transporting sampling and analytical equipment to project sites and laboratories
  • Calibrating and maintaining environmental equipment and analytical equipment
  • Collecting samples and preparing samples for analysis
  • Analyzing air samples using an optical microscope (PCM)

Performing Hazardous Building Materials Assessments

  • Schedule and attend inspections and meetings with clients/contractors as required
  • Perform hazardous materials Assessments on all types of building envelopes and structures
  • Identification and sampling of suspect hazardous building materials
  • Detailing field work in notes, drawings or data sheets as appropriate in a clear and concise manner

Preparing Reports Detailing the Findings & Making Recommendations

  • Preparing written reports of findings, summarizing, collating and interpreting the result of field investigations and analytical data
  • Review of reports and historical site documentation
  • Analyzing data and making recommendations for client compliance with necessary regulations, guidelines, client policies and industry best practice.
  • preparing drawings as required (preferably using Auto Cad) when necessary to show the results of field investigations

Translation (French and English)

  • Renders correct concepts and meanings between French and English following complexity, clarity, tone, and style from one language into another, upholding the correct rules for grammar and syntax in both languages
  • Provides strict renditions of the messages including every detail of the conversation, and must be prepared for challenging calls at any time
  • Employs good customer service and communication skills, clear enunciation, pronunciation, pleasant and professional voice as well as polite forms of expressions
  • Follows instructions of clients, manages the flow of the call/visit and avoids taking over as well as avoids interaction with the limited English speaker w/o client's permission
  • Understands protocol and terminology in the Environmental Consulting Industry
  • Accompanies a member of the team to site visits (in Montreal)
  • Remains calm during calls/visits if one of the primary speakers is incoherent or upset
  • The hiring process will include written and audio language assessments

Health & Safety:

  • Adhering to the Corporate Health & Safety policies and general safety rules identified by Management.
  • Working in compliance with Health and Safety Acts and regulations.
  • Reporting immediately any potential hazards, unsafe conditions, or known violations that may exist or arise.
  • Participate in Health and Safety by regularly communicating with Management and the Joint Health & Safety Committee, or representatives.

Requirements, Skills and Attributes:

  • Diploma in geology, hydro-geology, earth science, environmental science or related major. A bachelor's degree in any of the areas of study is beneficial.
  • Education in languages/translation/interpretation or related fields preferred, but not required
  • Project management experience
  • Good knowledge of government regulations is an asset
  • Good oral and written communication skills in both French and English
  • Ability to work from heights, confined spaces and working alone an asset
  • Valid Ontario driver’s license and access to vehicle for regular travel to jobsites
  • Enrollment in the ECO Subsidy program and asset
  • Native or Near Native Fluency in French and English
  • Advanced skills in the cultural dynamics (cultural implication and idiomatic expression) of both French and English
  • Excellent listening, retention and note taking skills to maintain a high level of accuracy
  • Knowledge of industry-specific terminology; on-going study of glossaries and training materials including scripts provided by our clients
  • Ability to concentrate, stay detached from the conversation, and remain neutral and objective always
  • Ability to follow client's instructions closely
  • Ability to explain certain cultural concepts to avoid miscommunication with the permission or at request of the client



Project Manager

Hazardous Materials Management

ECOH is currently seeking a professional with a solid background in hazardous materials assessment and abatement, indoor air quality assessment and/or occupational monitoring.  This is an exciting opportunity for an individual to join a team of diverse and well respected professionals.  The successful candidate will take part in the development and mentoring of junior staff, in addition to having the opportunity to work on exciting and challenging projects.


  • Overseeing Health Overseeing Hazardous Materials and Mould consulting projects, including assessments, contract/proposal preparation, remediation/abatement, financial analysis and quality assurance;
  • Managing and overseeing projects ensuring a continuous work flow and timely completion of projects, and keeping projects on budget.
  • Assigning work to employees ensuring projects are staffed with the appropriate expertise.
  • Client development, marketing and business development activities;
  • Participating in the development of new services and/or related techniques in accordance with Company goals and objectives.


        • A University degree in Environmental Science or related discipline.
        • 5-8 year of related experience within the consulting industry.
        • Achievement of a professional accreditation designation would be considered an asset.
        • Time and resource management- ability to provide junior staff with the appropriate direction, guidance, and instructions, maximizing resource allocations.
        • Willingness and effort to share technical knowledge and expertise with peers.
        • Ability to work effectively with fellow project managers, senior management, clients and fellow staff; demonstrating strong interpersonal skills.
        • Excellent budgetary skills exercised for the management of projects and resources.
        • Strong written/verbal communications, and presentation skills- ability to present technical data and theories effectively to internal staff and clients.
        • Valid driver’s license and adequate insurance is required (work related travel will be compensated)
        • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Programs.



        Environmental Scientist - Hazardous Materials Management

        As an Environmental Scientist, duties will include providing technical support in the following areas of environmental consulting:

        • Inspection of abatement projects (asbestos, lead, mould) to monitor contractor’s compliance with ECOH specifications, industry standards and applicable regulations.
        • Air monitoring for asbestos and analysis by phase contrast microscopy (PCM).
        • Other types of air monitoring, including RCS, Air-o-cell, CO2, Temperature and Humidity, etc., as required on a project-by-project basis.
        • Building Surveys for asbestos, mould and designated substances.
        • Collecting comprehensive field notes and generating client reports from employee notes.
        • Proposal and report writing.


        • 1 - 2 Years previous consulting experience preferred but not mandatory.
        • A University degree or college diploma in Environmental Science or related discipline.
        • Related experience in a similar capacity would be considered an asset.
        • Time and resource management- ability to multitask.
        • Willingness to be flexible with hours of work and client demands.
        • Ability to work effectively with fellow staff, project managers, senior management and clients; demonstrating strong interpersonal skills.
        • Strong written/verbal English communications.
        • Excellent attention to detail (required for field notes, reporting and data collection).
        • Valid driver’s license and adequate insurance is required (work related travel will be compensated).
        • General to advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Programs.

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