Ten Moments in the History of Industrial Hygiene

10 Moments in Industrial Hygiene History

10 Moments in Industrial Hygiene History

Did you know that industrial hygiene and occupational health have been a concern in the workplace since ancient times?

Yes, even the ancient Greeks were worried about conditions at work.

You can learn about the history of industrial hygiene with this handy infographic: 10 Moments in Industrial Hygiene History.

Did you know that one of our industrial hygienists will be speaking at the 2018 American Industrial Hygiene Association Conference and Expo (www.AIHce2018.org)?

Craig Maunder will present two case studies on IAQ and radon mitigation on May 21. Craig is a Certified Industrial Hygienest and a Radon Measurement and Mitigation Professional, with years of experience providing him the expertise to know what he’s talking about when it comes to radon and IAQ.

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