One Step at a Time – The March Towards Environmental Sustainability

Written by: Jerome Johnson

The human population keeps growing - stressing the planet's resources and our ability to mitigate our own negative impact on Earth. The affects of climate change for example have begun to manifest as extreme weather conditions. ECOH wants to help increase awareness by sharing some eco-friendly alternatives to everyday levels of energy consumption. Environmental tips (such as these) can help your business to not only feel good about sustaining the planet for future generations but can also help save you money in the process!

Some of the things ECOH is doing to practice good corporate environmental responsibility include

  • Curbing energy and water consumption by;
  • Printing on both sides of paper
  • Use black ink instead of colour whenever practicable
  • Minimize printing (encourage electronic document sharing and report review)
  • Minimize unnecessary travel by enabling video-conferencing

In addition to the above measures, ECOH encourages staff to do their part. For example, each Earth Day ECOH challenges staff to reduce their meat consumption and dependence on single-use products such as; individually packaged goods, fast food containers, plastic water bottles and coffee cups.

Did you know that over one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions stems from automobile exhaust leeching into the atmosphere? Road run-off also winds up in our streams and waterways affecting our drinking supply. So instead of driving everywhere or flying to/from meetings, companies can offer subsidies or other incentives to persuade clients and employees to carpool or use public transportation. Video-conferencing is also becoming an increasingly popular trend among business professionals as part of their face-to-face interactions.  ECOH has held over 20 video conferencing meetings, which has avoided 35,083 flight miles and 211 driving miles. This has saved ECOH an estimated $5,203 in travel costs and saved the planet roughly 26,652 kilograms of carbon emissions.

These initiatives not only help to make for a healthier planet but can also result in other benefits such as attracting new customers. Increasingly clients want to buy products and services from an environmentally friendly business and will choose your company over your less environmentally conscious competitors. In summary, while it is impossible to reduce your carbon footprint to zero, modifying one’s personal and professional lifestyle can significantly reduce the problem of climate change for all of us one step at a time. That’s why it is so important to act now. So, next time you are online, maybe challenge yourself to measure your own carbon footprint and aim to go green.