Pre-Demolition Survey for Designated Substances



Project Description:

ECOH was retained by the client on to coordinate and supervise the demolition of an abandoned service station on Hwy. 401, Mississauga, Ontario.  ECOH undertook a hazardous materials survey of the subject site, developed contractor tender documents utilizing the IO master specifications, supervised the tendering process, supervised the contractor, and provide all close out documentation for the demolition.  ECOH had to coordinate access to the site with the City of Mississauga, and the Credit Valley Conservation Authority, as there was a sensitive wetland adjacent to the subject site.

ECOH hosted project status meetings for project stakeholders, and administered the contract on behalf of the client.

Challenges and Accomplishments:

This project showcases ECOH’s ability to complete demolition projects in areas where municipalities and regional conservation authorities have a vested interest. 

This project was completed on-time and under budget.