Lead in paint,  building materials, drinking water and the environment can pose a health hazard.

The ECOH team has the expertise and experience to protect against lead in buildings and the environment, and ensure compliance with relevant legislation.


Our services include:

  • Initial Design of lead Abatement Projects
  • Preparation of detailed lead abatement specifications
  • Building surveys for the presence and condition of lead
  • Lead surveys with recommendations for abatement
  • Assessment of lead Hazard
  • Services During Abatement Work:
    • Air monitoring
    • Inspections to ensure regulatory and specification compliance
    • Project documentation and distribution
    • Liaison with building occupants and Joint Health and Safety Committies (JHSC)
  • Laboratory Services: regular or rush air sampling, bulk sampling and dust wipe analysis
  • Design and implementation of Lead Management Program (LMP)
  • Develop Respiratory Protection Program with Training
  • Lead Awareness Training

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