Designated Substance Surveys

Project Description:

Since 2001, ECOH has been retained by the client to provide environmental consulting services on an as-needed and as-requested basis, subject to a master unit rate contract, for designated substances and hazardous materials assessments / abatements.  As part of this standing offer and for example, ECOH was retained to undertake designated substance and hazardous material surveys at over 200 facilities: including fire halls, EMS, culture, transportation, and social services facilities.  The reports included a detailed room-by-room building audit for the presence of asbestos-containing materials, as well as provided information on ODS, PCBs, and a storage tank inventory.  ECOH has subsequently completed reassessment surveys of the same and other client facilities in all subsequent years of the standing offer.  Compliance remediation is currently ongoing and ECOH provides much of the abatement inspections. ECOH has also recently been retained by the client, to provide as needed designated substance consulting services; including the surveying of properties and the provision of abatement specifications, air monitoring and supervision.

ECOH completes annual asbestos reassessment surveys for approximately one-hundred buildings owned by the client, including residential, corporate and shelter facilities.  The purpose of the surveys is to determine the condition of previously identified asbestos-containing materials (ACM), and, if necessary, provide recommendations to assist the client in fulfilling requirements to achieve regulatory compliance, as set forth under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act, and enforced by the Ontario Ministry of Labour.  Collected field data is presented in an easy to use tablature format that was developed by ECOH in accordance to facility-specific requirements.  Compliance remediation is currently ongoing and ECOH provides much of the abatement inspections.

ECOH's Added Value:

For all client properties, ECOH also provides pre-renovation designated substance surveys on as-and-when needed basis.  Pre-renovation consulting services; including investigations and abatement design work, preparing contract documents for tender purposes, evaluation of tender bids, abatement inspections, and air monitoring during removal of hazardous materials, and project decommissioning and close-out reporting.