ECOH team members are widely respected for their expertise in industrial hygiene.  We offer the full range of industrial and occupational hygiene services, from comprehensive hazard surveys, through sampling, analysis, ventilation design, personal protective equipment and control recommendations.

We will help ensure that your workers are protected from the hazardous effects of toxic chemicals, and physical agents such as noise, vibration and radiation.

Our services include:

  • Personal protective equipment programs
  • Respirator Fit-testing
  • Expert Testimony Services
  • WHMIS/ GHS Hazard communication – preparation of Safety Data Sheets, labeling
  • Assessment of antineoplastic drug contamination in healthcare facilities
  • Assessment of anesthetic waste gases
  • Training programs, including:
    • WHMIS/ GHS
    • Occupational Hygiene Training
    • Respiratory Protection Training
    • Asbestos/ Lead/ Silica/ Mould Awareness
    • Biological Hazards Awareness Training
  • Industrial/ Occupational hygiene program development
  • Exposure assessments and testing for hazardous agents such as:
    • Chemical hazards like lead, asbestos, volatile organic compounds
    • Physical hazards like noise, radiation and heat stress
    • Biological hazards like mould and bacteria (e.g. Legionella)
  • Indoor Air Quality testing (including testing for LEED certification)
  • Certified Radon Measurement/monitoring services
  • Ventilation Assessment

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