Ontario regulations require health and safety reviews before certain equipment or structures are constructed or installed, or new processes started.

ECOH can help ensure that you comply with pre-start review requirements.

Our services include:

  • Representative of the Project Owner sign the PSSR checklists for approval of commissioning/start-up of the plant
  • New or modified facilities and equipment are built and installed in accordance with design requirements
  • All operating procedures (developed) and related process operator training are adequate and completed prior to the introduction of hazardous materials into the process
  • Conduct Safety reviews
  • All recommendations from Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) are implemented prior to start-up
  • Coordinate PSSR participation from knowledgeable Contractor and Owner personnel
  • Conduct Technical and HSE reviews of documentation and on site
  • Verify all construction and equipment is in accordance with safety, environmental and health regulation and standards.
  • Complete all corrective action items raised in the PSSR
  • Complete Post- Start-up corrective action items
  • Documentation of PSSR

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