A number of regulations and guidelines govern installation, maintenance, removal and clean-up procedures for fuel handling systems like underground and above ground storage tanks (USTs and ASTs).  It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure that all fuel handling systems are in compliance with applicable requirements. 

The ECOH team is fully trained to provide UST and AST management services to fuel handling system operators, facility management and project managers.

Our services include:

  • Preliminary subsurface investigations and site remediation activities, including the preparation of a tank removal report for filing with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA)
  • Preparation of a contaminant management plan (CMP) for a facility where a fuel handling system has had an impact on soil or groundwater 
  • Audits of fuel handling systems in accordance with provincial and federal standards and regulations
  • Recommending equipment repairs and upgrades  to ensure compliance
  • Supervising the installation or decommissioning of fuel handling systems, including development of a scope of work, preparation of technical specifications and execution of contracts

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