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Protecting People, Property and Planet.


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We help to ensure that you comply with environmental legislation and maintain best management practices.

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Hazardous Materials


We develop effective strategies to manage and minimize risks associated with hazardous materials.

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Occupational Health & Safety

We help you comply with occupational health and safety legislation and keep your employees safe at work.

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Why Work With Us


ECOH is a highly respected Canadian environmental, health and safety consulting company. We are committed to:


1. Availability and Rapid Response
Availability and Response make up part of our core values. Thanks to the depth and experience of our team, ECOH is available 24/7 and able to respond rapidly. We understand that your needs are often triggered by environmental emergencies and that a rapid response is necessary to satisfy all stakeholders.

2. Quality
The ECOH Team (ECOHites) are enthusiastic and dedicated. It is one of the qualities we look for when we hire. That’s our culture. We value our clients and listen to their needs to develop tailor-made (not cookie cutter) solutions, fostering productive, respectful and trusting long-term relationships. We want the work done right and we are not happy until our client is happy. To help ensure quality, the ECOH Team benefits from proven project management and quality control systems, as well as the mentoring and training provided by managers who are renowned industry leaders.

3. Practical Recommendations
Our recommendations are provided with an eye to practical solutions. We won’t “sell you” a solution you don’t need. Our recommendations are supported by facts, are clearly defined and are tailored to your organization’s size, needs and goals.

4. On-Time/On-Budget
Completing projects within the established schedule and budget is a reasonable (minimum) expectation. You deserve it. We measure it. We deliver it. ECOH’s consistent, year-over-year growth demonstrates our ability to deliver and measure accurate scheduling.

5. On-Going Support
ECOH is there for you. We strive to be your default call for all environmental, health and safety matters. Whether we provide all services directly, or partially utilize our established network of partners, our clients can rest assured that our collective goal is to resolve your environmental and H&S issues promptly and efficiently.

6. Keeping Clients Informed
We strive to keep you informed of your project every step of the way by taking full advantage of the latest technologies. The world of environmental health and safety is constantly changing and being updated to reflect new discoveries. ECOH is dedicated to assisting our clients stay current with emerging issues and technologies. In part, we do so through complementary meetings, breakfast seminars, newsletters, and relevant social media posts.

7. Stewardship
ECOH – Protecting People, Property and Planet.

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Gain a better perspective on issues that may impact your organization and network with other professionals in your industry.

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The Latest News From ECOH

All in a Day’s Work for the ECOH Environmental Team

ECOH’s Environmental Team was recently awarded a Surface Water and Sediment Sampling project, allowing our team to experience the great outdoors in southern Ontario. The life of an Environmental Scientist changes from day to day…

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ECOH’s Associate Featured in CBC News

ECOH’s Senior Industrial Hygiene Associate, Marianne Levitsky was recently featured in an article by CBC News, Employers hope to breathe easier and limit COVID-19 infections by improving ventilation. Marianne addressed the vital importance of clean air…

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Don’t Let the Heat Get You Stressed!

With temperatures soaring, it is important to be aware of the dangers of heat stress and how to prevent them. Over-exposure to hot temperatures can cause a number of health conditions, some of which can be extremely dangerous…

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COVID-19: 2020 Hindsight; 2021 Foresight Webinar

In this webinar, ECOH experts share key insights based on what has been learned and the work they have done to assist clients to navigate through the pandemic including a brief walk-through of key considerations…

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Designated Substances in Buildings Webinar

ECOH’s webinar addressed how Designated Substances can impact property owners, managers, building occupants, and contractors and how to mitigate those impacts. Presenter, Steve March, shared relevant case studies as well as answering…

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Avoiding Environmental Setbacks During Construction Webinar

ECOH’s webinar included discussions on a variety of topics related to environmental, health and safety (EH&S) issues encountered on construction projects. Matt Laneville highlighted the impacts of unaddressed issues and the best approaches to control potential setbacks…

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