Avoiding  enviormental setbacks during construnctions

Upcoming Webinar: Avoiding Environmental Setbacks During Construction

February 8, 2021

On October 19, 2009, a steam boiler within a centralized heating plant in Ottawa suffered a catastrophic failure. The resulting explosion sadly killed a worker, injured 2 others, and contaminated a vast area with asbestos. Cleaning up the asbestos debris took months and was further complicated by a failure to perform a thorough investigation into hidden conditions at the site. Asbestos was later discovered as a component of boiler insulation which took an additional 12 months and approximately $3M to abate. Furthermore, asbestos containing materials were unknowingly disturbed by workers who were not provided appropriate training. Stories like this are not rare!

Unanticipated environmental issues (ranging from asbestos, lead and PCBs to hydrocarbons and other chemicals) on construction and renovation projects can lead to lengthy project delays, health and safety hazards and massive budget overruns.

The solution, however, is relatively simple: pre-construction and pre-demolition surveys to assess for designated substances, hazardous materials and special handling materials.

Join ECOH’s Matt Laneville on February 25 for a complimentary webinar exploring common environmental issues and strategies for avoiding them on construction and renovation projects.

Matt Laneville

Matt Laneville

Senior Project Manager

Matt Laneville manages ECOH’s Ottawa team. He has 13 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry in the National Capital Region and throughout North America. He has supervised, conducted, and managed thousands of hazardous materials surveys, abatement projects, environmental assessments, and industrial hygiene assessments for a wide range of clients. Matt was a senior consultant on the investigation and abatement associated with the explosion of the Cliff Heating and Cooling Plant which consisted of a two-year remediation project, ranging from asbestos and lead abatement to hydrocarbon contamination. Matt has also been involved with laboratory decommissioning and the investigation of various research facilities prior to construction/renovation or change in use.

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