Environmental Scientist/Technologist-ENV


Job Description

ECOH is currently looking for an Environmental Scientist to join our Environmental team. As an Environmental Scientist, you will perform field site investigations and collect, input, analyze and organize data to assist senior staff in report preparation. The Environmental Scientist also performs field monitoring duties, interacts with third party and regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with contract, federal, provincial, and municipal statutes, and guidelines.

Roles & Responsibilities

Here is what you will be doing:

Field Related Activities:

  • Co-ordinate and execute activities assigned by Project Managers pertaining to the design, implementation and management of environmental projects including environmental site assessments, risk assessments, and remediation projects.
  • Conduct site visits and inspections, monitor and supervise drilling and/or remediation activities, prepare field notes and collect soil and groundwater samples.
  • Using field equipment and instrumentation appropriately to execute project activities.
  • Participate in the assessment activities at various types of contaminated sites. Contaminants encountered typically include hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, heavy metals, PAHs, PCBs, pesticides, and herbicides, etc.
  • Coordinate and or supervise on-site work conducted by subcontractors.
  • Collect and maintain accurate field notes.

Reporting, Analytics, and other Responsibilities:

  • Complete tables of analytical data and verify accuracy.
  • Prepare borehole logs from field notes for the Project Manager’s review.
  • Diligent interpretation of environmental data, the comparison of sample results to regulatory criteria and standards.
  • Interact with other employees who conduct specialized studies such as risk assessments, groundwater modelling studies for the simulation of groundwater flow and contaminant transport, or GIS data management.
  • Prepare low complexity reports for Phase 1/Stage 1 and simple Stage 2’s for senior review.
  • For more complex reports, prepare segments of the report for inclusion into the complete document.
  • Prepare chain of custody forms for samples, with direction from the Project Manager.
  • Confirm communications with a hard copy (email or letter) ensuring that there is a file record of the communication.
  • Manage time commitments, notify Project Managers when conflicts arise or when there is a potential decrease of work.
  • Mentor and train other staff by sharing experiences and expertise with them.

Technical & Regulatory:

  • Moderate familiarity with groundwater sampling protocols, methods.
  • Moderate familiarity with soil sampling protocols in drilling, soil sampling related to excavations (confirmatory soil sampling) and soil treatment (land farming).
  • Provide suggestions for additional sampling from the field, based on field observations.
  • Make recommendations for sampling programs, having selections confirmed by Project Manager.
  • Familiarity with the applicable regulations (in BC, CSR, CCME, CWS, other).
  • Obtain guidance from Project Managers or other senior staff regarding the implementation of the regulations on specific project related applications.

Quality Control, Policies & Procedures:

  • Review own work prior to submitting for review, identify and correct own errors.
  • Participate in all quality control initiatives including following related procedures.
  • Provide suggestions to Management to continually improve work quality.
  • Compliance with Corporate Policies and Procedures ensuring these are followed.
  • Ensure timely and accurate submission of internal reporting documents (time sheets, expense reports, etc.).

Marketing Activities:

  • Participate in various marketing activities, including providing assistance with proposal preparation, obtaining quotes from sub-contractors and laboratories.
  • Act as a professional representative of ECOH on site.
  • Ensure corporate resume is up to date, for inclusion in proposals, as necessary.
  • Share prospective project opportunities with senior staff members and participate in follow up efforts.

Site Supervision:

  • Ensure that all work is properly planned in accordance with Corporate Health & Safety policies.
  • Provide safe and accurate instructions on site, review project hazards and address each of these prior to providing direction on site.
  • Ensure that all contractors and subcontractors are familiar with, understand, and comply with Corporate Health & Safety policies.
  • Report immediately any potential hazards or unsafe conditions that may exist or arise.
  • Instruct parties on site to stop working if hazards or unsafe conditions exist or arise.


Here are the skills you will possess:

  • A University degree in Environmental Science, Engineering, Earth Sciences, Geology or Geological Sciences is preferred.
  • Ability to wear Personal Protective Equipment, including (if required) respiratory protection devices, specialized clothing, work boots, hard hats hearing protection, etc.
  • Ability to lift boxes, equipment and or coolers not exceeding 20kg.
  • Ability to organize activities and accomplish tasks in assigned time frames.
  • Detailed oriented with respect to data collection and recording skills.
  • Ability to work effectively with project managers, clients and fellow staff; demonstrating strong interpersonal skills.
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills.
  • Ability to travel out of the city or province for short or long periods.
  • Must demonstrate strong initiative and be able to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Willingness to work alone and or in remote locations as required.
  • Valid driver’s license and adequate insurance must be maintained at all times.
  • General to advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).