Project Manager-HAZ


Job Description

ECOH’s Ottawa location is currently looking for a Project Manager. Reporting to the Vice President, The Project Manager will be primarily responsible for overseeing consulting projects, including contract/proposal preparation, financial activities related to the scope of the projects assigned, and quality assurance of the services performed.  The Project Manager works with the Vice President and Operations Managers to ensure the development, training, and the progression of field staff.  You will work alongside the Vice President to help grow the Ottawa business and client base. The Project Manager will possess relevant academic training, a moderate degree of technical knowledge, and a minimum of five years of related technical experience in the areas of Environmental, Hazardous Materials or Occupational Hygiene.

Employment Type: Full Time, Permanent

ECOH is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Accommodations for job applicants with disabilities are available on request.

Roles & Responsibilities

Here is what you will be doing:

  • Oversee and manage all aspects of consulting projects.
  • Manage and occasionally supervise hazardous materials sampling activities and other various project activities related to Environmental and/or Occupational Hygiene, at various types of contaminated sites, including, but not limited to industrial, commercial, military, and other federal, provincial, and municipal sites.
  • Plan, conduct, supervise, report, and review the work of others for consulting projects.
  • Design programs to meet the scope and regulatory requirements.
  • Manage and oversee projects to ensure continuous workflow and timely completion.
  • Schedule services with clients and coordinating staffing to ensure that all project requirements are satisfied.
  • Present results and or presentations to clients in meetings.
  • Schedule audits, assessments and or meetings with clients/contractors.
  • Ensure projects are performed in accordance with the proposal.
  • Issue amendments and changes pertaining to the scope, schedule, or responsibilities.
  • Timely processing of subcontractor invoices, reviewing of charges on projects, modifying pending invoices and approving of project expenses.
  • Prepare invoicing on a timely basis and ensure work is billed accurately and timely.
  • Work with accounting to resolve problems related to outstanding invoices.
  • Ensure all related project expenses are accounted for and charged to the project.
  • Delegate responsibilities and provide direction and instruction to field staff.
  • Provide employees with specialized guidance, technical expertise, advice, and training.
  • Assist the Vice President to provide consistent constructive feedback with respect to the Employee Development Program (EDP) within your group.
  • Ensure an environment of good communication so that employees’ concerns are addressed.
  • Supervision and mentorship of field staff that have been assigned to projects.
  • Work with the Operations Manager to ensure all field staff meet or exceed established guidelines for standards of performance.
  • Participating in project and financial management including financial analysis.
  • Maintaining quality control, quality assurance and policy compliance
  • Participate in marketing activities and client development.
  • Ensuring all aspects of health and safety compliance.


Here are the skills you will possess:

  • A University degree or college diploma in the area of Sciences, Environmental, Hazardous Materials or Occupational Hygiene.
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in a related field.
  • Ability to wear PPE, including (if required) respiratory protection, specialized clothing, work boots, hard hats hearing protection, etc.
  • Time and resource management – ability to provide field staff with the appropriate direction, guidance, and instructions.
  • Ability to provide feedback to staff consistently, constructively, and appropriately.
  • Demonstrates strong support of corporate initiatives, plans, and programs.
  • Willingness to share technical knowledge and expertise with peers.
  • Excellent employee relations – ability to motivate, develop, and mentor field staff.
  • Ability to work effectively with fellow project managers, senior management, clients and contractors, demonstrating strong interpersonal skills.
  • Sound judgement pertaining to business and project activities.
  • Strong budgetary skills exercised for the management of projects and resources.
  • Strong written/verbal communications skills – ability to present technical data effectively to internal staff and clients.
  • Ability to travel out of city or province for various periods.
  • Valid driver’s license and adequate insurance must be maintained at all times.
  • General to advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Programs.
  • Knowledge and understanding of other technical related software programs (as required).
  • Project Management training would be considered an asset.