COVID-19 Update: A Message from ECOH President, Mark Lai

March 19, 2020

We are providing this brief communication to update you on ECOH’s efforts regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

ECOH is committed to monitoring and implementing the recommendations provided by our government agencies; to continue to provide support to our clients whenever this can be done safely; and ensuring our staff remain safe and healthy.

ECOH has implemented our Pandemic Plan which includes the recommendations now commonly understood by us all (personal hygiene, social distancing, working from home, etc.). We have a team dedicated to constantly monitoring the situation, governmental requirements and good practice guidelines from recognized agencies.

Frequent communication is provided by ECOH’s President and the Pandemic Committee to all ECOH staff. At this time, we remain fully operational. Our physical office is operating with only essential staff, but our virtual office is in full swing and we stand ready to help our clients. Our pre-project risk assessments have been expanded to assist our Project Managers in identifying worksite hazards (including potential exposures to COVID-19) and implementing appropriate controls to ensure the safety of our field staff and client staff.

Please know that ECOH is committed to doing its part to “flatten the curve”. At this time, we remain fully available to support your environmental, health and safety efforts, including any new challenges brought on by COVID-19 in the workplace.

We know that our expertise in health and safety can prove to be an essential support for our communities. As such, ECOH plans to continue providing our services, albeit with enhanced precautions. Our experienced team of professionals is addressing one of the emerging challenges during a viral spread – the disinfection and cleaning of buildings and other business premises that are frequented by large numbers of people on a regular basis.

ECOH has adopted the best practices for cleaning and disinfecting, as published by the CDC and others. The procedure calls for high-level oversight of contractors trained in Infection Control and proper PPE. Certified hygienists monitor the cleaning products and application methods to ensure that they are effective and approved and that they will not adversely impact the buildings, their contents and above all, their occupants.

In summary, we continue to be at the ready to help address your health and safety needs. Stay safe.


Mark Lai, President

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