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A Special ECOH Presentation with DRIE

A special thanks to the DRIE Toronto Chapter for the opportunity to present “Designing Your Re-Opening Infection Control Program” on June 4, 2020 and to Matt Johnson of Commercial Loss Experts who moderated the session. Our experts Dr. Om…

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The ECOH DOT Program

As Canada starts lifting restrictions and businesses ease into the “new normal”, ECOH is dedicated to helping you prepare. Our ECOH DOT program has been designed to ensure your facilities are professionally sanitized in order to keep your employees and the general public safe…

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Designing Your Re-Opening Infection Control Program

ECOH continues to develop a series of webinars addressing key issues with respect to the ongoing spread of COVID-19 and its impact on communities and workplaces. A special thanks to all those who attended our “Designing Your Re-opening Infection Control Program”…

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COVID-19 Update: ECOH Expanded & Enhanced Services

ECOH is listening to our clients and responding. Our COVID-19 team led by our most senior Certified Industrial Hygienists are ready to assist with consulting and training services to control the spread of COVID-19. Disinfection Procedures for Coronavirus Contamination…

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COVID-19 Update: A Message from ECOH President, Mark Lai

We are providing this brief communication to update you on ECOH’s efforts regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. ECOH is committed to monitoring and implementing the recommendations provided by our government agencies; to continue to provide support to our…

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ECOH is Celebrating 20 Years in Business

Dear Friends, ECOH is twenty…in 2020! Had we known then what we know now we would have started the company on February 2nd, just so we could hold an epic palindrome party on 02 02 2020. At the start of the new millennium, Y2K was the threat du jour…

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“Dirty Laundry” Asbestos Movie Screening

Ten enthusiastic ECOHites enjoyed a night out and attended the screening of “Dirty Laundry”, a film about the effects of asbestos exposure. The screening was followed by an expert panel discussion. Linda Reinstein was the panelists and has had a crucial role in…

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The Mishandling of Asbestos in a P.E.I. High School

‘What was in that dust?’ is an interesting story produced by gifted CBC Radio documentarian Julia Pagel that aired on November 4, 2019. It outlines the efforts of a P.E.I. woman searching for answers about the mishandling of…

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