Designated Substances in Buildings

ECOH’s webinar addressed how Designated Substances can impact property owners, managers, building occupants, and contractors and how to mitigate those impacts. Presenter, Steve March, shared relevant case studies as well as answering key questions from attendees.

Watch the full webinar recording at the top of the page and access a PDF copy of the Designated Substances in Buildings webinar slide deck using the link below.

If you have any questions about your specific renovation or demolition project, please contact us to discuss your particular assessment and testing needs.


Steve March

Senior Project Manager

Steve March is certified in Occupational Health and Safety and a highly skilled and experienced Senior Project Manager. He has an extensive track record over the last 15 years directing complex environmental designated substances and hazardous materials assessment and abatement projects, for clients in the industrial, commercial, education and real estate sectors. His excellence in project management and expertise in Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety make him a valued resource to ECOH clients.

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